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~ Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Most commercial soaps contain harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and are not actually soap but detergent. Detergents strip your natural oils, leaving you with dry and irritated skin.

Our 100% natural soaps are made with oils and butters rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, which can help balance sensitive skin types. Simply put handmade soap is good for your skin!

~Use Less Moisturizer

Unlike commercial soap, the glycerin is not removed from handmade soap. Our soaps are also supperfatted with a generous amount of nourishing oils, and contain fresh goats milk, resulting in a decreased need to use additional moisturizers.

Give the gift of Soap!

~Create your own gift basket

~Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our soaps are packaged with recyclable paper, and lotion bars come in a reusable tin instead of a plastic bottle. I encourage purchasing refil lotion bars to get more use out of your tin container. We try to use as little plastics as possible in an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

All Natural Ingredients~

When you scan the list of what our handmade products are made of, there is not any mysterious ingredients, and the products have been formulated in such a way that irritating chemical preservatives are unnecessary. All our products are tested on friends and family who have gladly volunteered try something new.

~Beauty Tips~

Perfect your complexion. Camouflage any pimples by applying a yellow-based cover-up to counteract the redness. Use a concealer brush to pat it on precisely, then blend the edges with your ring finger, says Tracy Brennan, owner of Kalologie, a beauty boutique in Los Angeles.


~ Support a Local Small Business

Build a stronger community through a web of economic and social relationships linking you and your neighbors together. Keep the competition alive.